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Streamline your organization’s requisition, PO and expense management with eRequester’s browser-based software suite. Let go of your outdated paper-based or spreadsheet purchasing system. Stop manual tracking of purchases, POs and reimbursements. Let eRequester help you streamline processes, improve policy adherence, and deliver a rapid ROI. Simplify and spend wisely.

eRequester offers a simple-to-use interface that reduces time-to-train and improves adoption, while aiding in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. The tailored approach further saves time and money to deliver a rapid return on investment.

eRequester’s solid platform of core features can be further extended by selecting from our comprehensive catalog of feature add-ons. Ensure your organization has the spend management system it needs!


  • Approval Workflow

The core approval workflow engine provides customizable and logical workflows

  • Purchasing Process

A top-rated purchasing process designed for users and accountants alike

  • Reporting & Oversight

System wide tracking provides critical oversight, visibility and search capabilities

  • Flexible Deployment

Enjoy the flexibility of choice with multiple deployment options based on your needs

  • Customizable View

Easily customize your own dashboard view right from your supported browser

  • Real-time Notifications

Improve requisition visibility with real-time notifications throughout the process

  • Efficiency Enhancements

Built-in system intelligence and prefilled accounting data improves user efficiency

  • Localized Experience

Simplified localization by using your browsers French or Spanish language selection

  • Module Catalog

An unparalleled module catalog helps tailor the core system to meet your organization’s needs




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