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VAT compliant business management software

VAT Compliant. Locally Supported. 

Sage 100 Evolution helps small & medium size companies who have outgrown their current accounting solution to manage products, orders, customers, finances and operations. Sage 100 Evolution provides the insight you need to reduce cost, stay in compliance, deliver value to your customers, and manage growth expectations.

A cost-effective solution to help you manage your business.


VAT Compliant software

Sage 100 Evolution has been designed in compliance with the standards of accounting practices in the United Arab Emirates, including VAT regulations.

Project Tracking

Manage your projects by capturing budgets for each project and track all income and expense transactions against projects. You have the ability to generate a report that shows profit or loss for each project.

Finance and Accounting

As companies continue to grow and evolve, so do their complexities. Sage 100 Evolution provides the tools and capabilities to enhance business intelligence and meet complex financial requirements at any level.

  • Process all accounting transactions in real-time
  • Manage foreign transactions using multi-currency
  • Maintain multiple set of companies with its own chart of accounts
  • Automatically reconcile Cash Book entries to the corresponding bank statement entries using Bank Statement Manager

Inventory and Operations

Get complete control and visibility of your inventory.

  • Multiple units of measure enables accurate ordering, manufacturing selling, pricing and costing of inventory items
  • Convert your purchase orders to good received voucher on the receipt of the inventory items
  • Transfer stock between your warehouses
  • Serial Number Tracking allows you to store detailed information for inventory items
  • Add import cost allocations on your stock to determine actual cost of your goods

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Make better, faster decisions with powerful business intelligence.

  • Key performance indicators and comprehensive dashboards
  • Transform your data using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to construct reports
  • Automatically retain report formats and makes them available for future use

Sage 100 Evolution comes with Sage Intelligence Reporting a Microsoft® Excel® based Business Intelligence (BI) tool that makes customising and distributing reports simple and easy.

Sales and Purchasing

Control costs and simplify your purchase order process.

  • Maintain and control outstanding orders, processed orders and back orders
  • Instant access to customer and supplier balances, overdue totals, sales and purchasing history
  • Using Pricing Matrix, create volume-based or time-based price breaks as well as specify discounts by customer or group of customers

Debtors Management

Improve your cash flow, tighten up debtors control and save time with Sage 100 Evolution’s Debtors Management.

  • Track and view all debtor contact notes
  • View notes and customer promises to pay alongside the Age Analysis
  • Drill-down to source transactions from the Age Analysis to view outstanding invoices

Customer Relationship Management

Track all customer and supplier transactions in your system.

  • Manage customer, prospect and supplier contact information
  • Track all incidents to their conclusion or until they are closed off

Fixed Assets

Track your capital expenditures and calculate depreciation accurately using the Fixed Assets module of Sage 100 Evolution.

  • Obtain visibility and control over any operations on fixed assets
  • Track assets by location and calculate monthly fixed asset transaction records
  • Calculates profit or loss on the sale of any asset


Integrated with Sage 100 Evolution, Sage 300 People offers the next generation feature-rich payroll, employee self-service and HR capabilities in a single-instance solution. Using this solution, you can capture all pay related transactions in your Sage 100 Evolution’s general ledger.

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