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10 reasons you need CRM

CRM has always been the domain of big business. Until now.

Managing customer relationships is key to current and future success. Unfortunately, as a business grows or as more salespeople are hired, customer relationships can suffer. After all, while you have more customers, you don’t have the detailed knowledge or understanding of each one as you did when you had fewer customers.
Enter Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). A solution designed to overcome customer relationship challenges. Previously the domain of large business, CRM is now a must for small and medium businesses wishing to grow steadily and predictably. The ability to understand product and services demand, to weed out unprofitable sales efforts and customers, to capitalize on emerging trends, and to market more intelligently, is important to small and medium businesses. Why? More revenue, faster. It is that simple.

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Here are ten reasons why your small and medium business needs CRM, right now:

  1. Generate More Leads: It’s that simple. You can turn information into leads by understanding conversations and uncovering needs that only you can fulfill.
  2. Qualify Prospects Faster: It’s what you and your salespeople are struggling with, right? Quickly evaluate contacts and leads and uncover needs or issues you can sell into. Stop wasting time where you have little or no chance of success.
  3. Close More Deals: A key to growth – more deals more often! Because you actively manage the sales process and have unique insight into customer needs, your sales team will increase their success at closing more deals.
  4. Higher Average Invoice/Deal Size: Getting more dollars every time you sell. Through customer and product/service insight your business will be in the unique position of being able to more effectively cross and upsell your products/services.
  5. Margin Preservation: Virtually eliminate discounting or leaving dollars on the table. Each sales engagement and customer can be evaluated to discover nuances and need that allows you to solidly position and defend your value and price.
  6. Improved Customer Service: Having the right relationships, processes and capabilities ensure that you can capture and resolve small issues before they become big ones.
  7. Tighter Customer Loyalty: Through closer relationships, better customer service, and anticipating needs, your customers will choose to do more business with you, more often.
  8. Business & Customer Continuity: An historical customer relationship ‘memory’ is always retained in the business, should salespeople leave or be replaced within the company. And, new salespeople get up to speed more quickly, minimizing customer relationship or service interruptions
  9. Increased Marketing ROI: Quit throwing good money after bad. You’ll know how each marketing piece, campaign, or promotional item – from placement to revenue – contributes to the business.
  10. Profitability: This is what really counts – more profit to your business. The business becomes more ‘intelligent’ when it comes to the most important and expensive drivers – sales, marketing, and customer management. Get in control of all three, driving new levels of profit to your business.
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Why do you need an Accounting Software?


The main beauty of an accounting system is reporting features which they bundled with, a software with poor reporting system will fail in the market, so that a perfect accounting software should have proper accounting maintenance system and reporting facilities.

One of the main importance of accounting software is to maintain the records of all accounting and financial functions systematically and it is also used to summarise, measure, compare and verify financial data based on the old entries. On the other hand, accounting software is being evaluated by its technology, it needs to be cutting edge and user-friendly that can drive your software to run very fast, smooth and more accurate way.

Why you need accounting software?

Every success has a reason behind it. The success of a company is depending on how efficient the company is using technology. On this way, the process of choosing a right accounting software needs to be carried out in an expert way, choosing a Software with poor technology or poor facilities will lead your business to disaster, a right accounting software will reduce your work load, reduce operation’s cost and man power cost, more over a perfect accounting system can do some important works more faster han human and it is also produce more accurate and error free financial reporting system.

When you are in mid level or large company where you can’t handle accounting by manual paper work which will not be more accurate and more efficient for your business any more. when your business is growing to a next level, you need to be equipped with an automatic accounting management system that can do your work more fasted and it will also save time, tons of money for your business

When you are selecting an accounting software for your business, you need to be careful about the following features present in your software or not.

Account Payable Management:

Account payable feature is more important to any accounting software which needs to carry out all functions of accounting receivable management. This software should have the facilities to manage vendors records, check printing, payment calculations, payment scheduling, purchase order maintenance and account payable entries.

Account Receivable Management:

Account receivable is also one of the important features that all accounting system should packed with. Accounting receivable including the client accounts management, invoicing, AR reporting, billing, sales attributions, cost of the goods, recurring invoices, tax calculation, credit payment, receipt, quotations, estimation facilities, email invoicing, return orders and credit management.

Budget Management:

This feature will help the business to create budgets and forecasting report in more accurate way. Accounting software should comprise of the following budgeting features

  1. Scenario
  2. Versioning & Approvals
  3. Sales Forecasting
  4. Actual Variance Reporting
  5. Budget Reporting

Cash Management:

Case management is the most important functions in accounting, the software can management the cash flow more accurately, It should capable of maintain, store and product cash flow and fund flow statements. The software should also have facilities to do cash flow analysis.

Other Features:

Fixed asset management

General Ledger and Financial Reporting management

Inventory Management

Job Costing

Payroll Management Facilities

Purchase Management

Audit Trial

Take Your Decision Now:

The success of a company growth is depending on how you are attached with new technology, choosing a right accounting software for your business will boost your business to a next level. This is the time to decide whether you are continue with the manual paper work or to be equipped with highly advanced accounting system.

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